Commands to get useful(sometimes) info from

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Total: 27 ( +5 subcommands )

announce [message]
aliases: announcement

Interactively way to announce something on the server.

botprefixlist <bots>

Get a cool list of default prefixes of given bots!

choose <things>

Compare things to see which is better

colorify <image> <color> [background_color]
aliases: colourify

Color any picture or someones avatar to a color of choice!

customembed [--chan CHANNEL] [--th THUMBNAIL] [-i IMAGE] [--fi FOOTER_ICON] [-a AUTHOR] [-f FOOTER] [-c COLOUR=0] [-u URL] [-d DESCRIPTION] [-t TITLE]
aliases: embed, embedmaker, ce

Create your own custom embed using many things!

device [member]

Check if a user is on mobile or desktop!

dm <member> <message>

Makes the bot DM someone with the specified message.

aliases: emote

View, copy, add or remove emoji.

google <search> [--sm SAFEMODE=True]
aliases: g, search

Search something on Google!

aliases: botinvite, join

Invite me to your server

lyrics <song>

Gets lyrics to the given song.

map <place> [zoom=12]

Gets maps to the given address.

pin <message_id>

Pins a message to the current channel.



aliases: randomuser

Get a random member from the server and see when they joined.

report <bug>

Report a bug or grammer mistake with this.

review <review>
aliases: review's

Review me! and get featured on my website!

spotify [member]

Get the current song that you or another member is listening to

suggest <suggestion>

Suggest a command or anything to improve me.

aliases: supportserver, botserver

Get an invite to my support server!

time [tz]

Get the current date and time for a time zone.

unpin <message_id>

Unpins a message from the current channel.


Tells you how long the bot has been up for.


To vote on me on bot listing sites.

urban <search>

Find the 'best' definition to your search.

value <amount> <base> <to>

Converts from one currency to another

wiki <search>
aliases: wikipedia

Search up something on wikipedia