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babyrate <members>
aliases: br

Give two members to see their chance of getting a baby togheter!

birate <member>
aliases: bir

Rates how bi someone is

chance <text>

Chance of things

cuterate <member>
aliases: cr

Rates how cute someone is

aliases: fre

Tells how funny the message/pic above is.

gayrate <member>
aliases: gr

Rates how gay someone is

haterate <thing>
aliases: hr

See if something hates you

aliases: hoa

See how accurate the rate above is.

iqrate [member]
aliases: iq

See what your or someones IQ is! And it won't change.

lesbianrate <member>
aliases: lr

Rates how lesbian someone is

lierate <thing>
aliases: ler

Rates if something is a Lie

liferate <member>
aliases: lfr

I Rate Your Life! (please dont take it any serious)

loverate <members>
aliases: lre

See how much the love between someone is. Split members with `|`

aliases: nfr

See how not funny the message/pic above is.

aliases: or

See how much OOF the message above is.

rate <rate>
aliases: re

Rate something from 1 to 100

aliases: rre, rr, rrate

It will react with digits from 1 to 10.

shitrate <thing>
aliases: sr

Rates how shit something

truthrate <thing>
aliases: tr

Rates if something is True