Commands to get info about many things

< > :: required | [ ] :: optional | aliases :: second name

Total: 20 ( +20 subcommands )

aliases: stats

Tells you information about the bot itself.

activity [member]
aliases: playing, game

Returns all activities of given member.

avatar [member]

Get someones or your own avatar

badges [member]

See your or anyone's public badges.

botinfo <member>
aliases: dblbot, topbot, topggbot

Get a bot's info from


Shows the bot's prefixes

aliases: whatsnew

See what's new, changed, fixed or removed

channelinfo [channel]

Shows info about any channel.

color <hex_color>
aliases: colour

View the colors HEX details. Random color when given `random`.


See me flexing :D

createdat [member]
aliases: createdate

Check when a user created their account

dscbio <user>
aliases: dsc, discordbio

Search someone on on name, id or url from their status.

joinedat [member]
aliases: joindate

Check when a user joined the current server

mcuser <name>
aliases: minecraftuser, mc_user

Get the naming history of a Minecraft user.

aliases: ms, memberstatus

Check how many are online, offline, idle or dnd.

aliases: moderators

Shows members with the ban/kick permissions.

permissions [member] [channel]
aliases: perms

Shows a member's permissions in a specific channel.


role related commands. all, info, remove, add, create, etc..

aliases: guild, s

Server info commands.


Check out the source code <3

userinfo [member]
aliases: memberinfo, user

Shows info about you or someone else

weather <location>

Get the weather!