Commands made to get a smile on your face! :)

< > :: required | [ ] :: optional | aliases :: second name

Total: 47

achievement <text> [icon]

Make your own Minecraft Achievement! with text and icon.

animalfact <animal>

Get a random fact about an animal


Returns a random anime quote from the some-random API

ascii <text> [font]

Convert text to art


List all ascii fonts to use for ascii

aliases: cute, cutepicture

Get random cute pictures, mostly animals. From different subreddits.

bean <member>

~~Fake~~ ban someone.

captcha <text>

Make your very own captcha!

casetext <text>

CoNvErTs tExT To tHiS

coinflip [text]

Flips a coin!

cookie [member]

Gives someone a cookie! 🍪

cowsay <message>

Let the cow say anything


Get a random dad joke..


Get a eggyfied greet line


Get a random eggline


Get a eggyfied name


Get a random eggpun

eightball <question>
aliases: 8ball

Ask the Magic eightball wizard!

emojify <message>
aliases: txtmoji

Convert Text to emojis.

f [reason]

Press F to pay your respects


Get a Random fact about anything

fist [member]

Fist someone 🤛

fliptext <text>
aliases: flip

Flips your text

aliases: gmf

Just ask and i give food


Play the Guess The Numbers game! the number is always between 0 and 20. GL!

hug [member]

Give someone a nice hug ;)


Returns a random joke from the some-random API

kiss [member]

Give someone a cute kiss <3

lick [member]

Give someone a nice lick :)

lowercase <text>
aliases: lower

Lowercases given text

num2text <numbers>
aliases: numtxt, numberstotext, num2txt

Converts numbers to words

owoify <text>

Owowify's your text

pat [member]

Give someone a nice pat!

poke [member]

Annoy a member by poking them. hehe

reverse <text>

!poow ,ffuts esreveR

roast <member>

Roast someone. WARNING: Can be offensive.

say <saythis>

Let me say what you want.


Sends a shrug.

slap [member]

Slap someone in their face!

aliases: slots

Roll the slot machine

space <text>

Adds n spaces between each letter of given text

tea [member]

Get some tea :tea:

throw [member]

Throw something at someone >:3

trash <member>

Point out that someone's trash

tts <message>

Text to Speech.

unspoil <message_id>

Get what was said without the spoiler tag

uppercase <text>
aliases: upper

Uppercases given text


Get random posts from wikihow

zalgofy <text>

Zalgofy's your text